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Steel Monkey Dream Shop, LLC. started in 2011. This new concept summarizes 25+ years of experience in Welding, Fabricating and Designing.

Through-out the years the Principal Enzo R. acquired valuable skills and training in Manufacturing, Product Development and Project Management, working as an Independent and for several companies like: National Mall Front & Design as a Superintendent, Welder, Fabricator and Installer; Sunbelt Scenic Studios as a Shop Supervisor, Welder, Fabricator, PropMaster and Painter; LushLife Furnishings & Design as a Store Manager, Interior Designer and Fabricator; Strictly Choppers as a Bike Builder, Designer, Welder, Fabricator and Painter.

Our goal was to create a workshop where everything and anything could be custom designed and built under one roof, knowing there is always someone with the need of something "Custom Made".

We now offer all types of Fabrication Processes to Professionals, Architects, Designers, Contractors and anyone that want to do extraordinary Metal Creations.

Our services include: Design, Engineering, Quality Fabrication and Installation of Specialty Architectural Metals with the focus in the integration of Industrial Design and Engineering with the Best Craftsmanship and Latest Technology.

Why Metal? Metal is a fundamental part of a sustainable future, highly recyclable and durable.

We weld anything....but a Broken Heart!!!

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